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Kenyan Snagon Sticker | Kenyan Sand Boa Sticker

Kenyan Snagon Sticker | Kenyan Sand Boa Sticker

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Introducing our Kenyan Snagon Sticker – the perfect blend of whimsy and reptilian charm! Ever wondered what a Kenyan Sand Boa dreams about? Well, wonder no more! Our sticker brings to life the hilarious fantasy of a derpy Kenyan Sand Boa with dreams of dragon grandeur.

Picture this: a slithery, sand-loving snake with aspirations of soaring through the skies, breathing fire, and intimidating knights (or maybe just photobombing your laptop). Our derpy Kenyan Sand Boa has traded in its sandy habitat for a medieval dreamscape where it reigns as the most adorably fearsome dragon around.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Embrace the hilarity, spark conversations, and let the derpy Kenyan Snagon be a reminder that even the most unlikely candidates can dream big and soar higher than you'd ever expect. It's time to add a touch of mythical derp to your life – get your sticker today and let the laughter commence!

Product Details

This sticker is 4" x 2.8" and made of durable vinyl. It is resistant to water, sunlight, and scratches. Great for decorating water bottles, computer cases, animal cages, and more! Designed by Jacqueline Aurora Art.


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Customer Reviews

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Tabitha Milano
Great Stickers!

I got these in the mail today and they are an amazing quality! I can’t attest to sticky factor as I keep all my stickers in a sticker book but the color and cut quality is amazing!

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