About Us

Hey there, you bizarre animals! 

I'm Kate, the fearless head snake wrangler and creative genius behind The Serpentry. So, what exactly is a "serpentry," you ask? Well, it's not just a word we made up – it's our unique snake-infused world!

We embarked on this wild adventure back in 2015, when The Serpentry was just a humble hobby breeder of sand boas. Fast forward to 2021, and we've officially blossomed into a quirky small business. The Serpentry was conceived out of a rather peculiar realization: why is it so darn challenging to find high-quality, handcrafted goodies featuring our beloved slithering buddies?

I mean, don't get us wrong – farm animals, dogs, cats, and birds are everywhere in the world of handmade products, and people LOVE them. But where are all the snake-themed treasures, tarantula trinkets, salamander swag, lizard loot, and crocodile keepsakes? It's like they were playing hide-and-seek!

Our mission is to remedy this reptile-centric injustice. We're on a quest to bring you a colorful array of gifts and goodies that pay homage to exotic animals and the wonderful folks who adore them.

Join us on this fantastic journey at The Serpentry, and let's celebrate the unique beauty of Mother Nature's most unusual critters together!


Stay Wild,

Kate and the Snakes


 Caricature of The Serpentey's owner, Kate. She is wearing a black shirt with blue cowl around her neck. Her hair is brown and in a short wavy bob. There's a grey and white sand boa on her shoulder and a grey bichir floating above the snake.