How to Purchase Snakes and Our Policies

By purchasing one of our snakes, you are agreeing to our policies below.


How to Purchase

  • Please browse our available snakes HERE.
  • Click the "Inquire" button to access our snake purchase inquiry form or click HERE.
  • We will contact you via email to complete the purchase and answer any questions you listed on the form.


High color rough scaled sand boa curled in a spiral



  • You will be sent an invoice via email from Shopify that includes the snake's price and any shipping charges. You can pay using a variety of methods.
  • There is a $50 non-refundable deposit on all snakes included in the price. If you purchase a snake and change your mind prior to shipping, you will lose your deposit. However, you can use your deposit to purchase another snake or items in our shop.


Show Pickup

  • All snakes must be paid in full prior to show pick up.


Local Pickup

  • Local pickup is available on a case-by-case basis.
  • We frequently travel throughout the Northeast. You can arrange to intercept us on our travel routes or meet us within 10 miles of New Haven, CT or Saratoga Springs, NY depending on our availability.
  • All pickup orders must be paid in full before we will meet you for pickup. 


Shipped Orders

  • All orders for shipping must be paid in full before we will ship the animal.
  • Once you pay for your animal, we will reserve it for you as long as needed while we wait for optimal shipping conditions.  We are also happy to hold your pet for a few weeks while you set up their enclosure, at no extra charge.



  • All sales on snakes are FINAL unless there is an issue with the animal's health. We DO NOT accept returns on snakes.
  • Please be certain you have the space, supplies, time, and funds needed to responsibly care for an animal before purchase. You should also get the permission of other household members.




We ship overnight Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (usually Mondays) via FedEx Priority Overnight. Shipping can cost between $45-$90 depending on your location. Packages typically arrive by 10-11 AM for most regions. For live arrival guarantee, you must pick up your snake at a local FedEx facility that accepts live reptiles. This is for the safety of the snake and it helps ensure delivery is on the right day if the package is delayed. Please let us know when you plan on picking up your snake. If you do not have access to a FedEx location, contact us so we can discuss options.  

We only ship when temperatures are between 40F – 85F at both locations and along the shipping route. Snakes will be provided with a heating or cooling pack if needed. The Serpentry reserves the right to delay shipment until it is safe to do so. Storms can also delay shipping. As we are located in CT, we cannot ship during winter and for parts of the summer.

Your snakes will be packed with care and we make sure they will arrive to you safely. We will discuss shipping dates with you and NEVER ship snakes without your knowledge. You will be provided a tracking number the day of shipping. Our snakes’ safety is our priority. We monitor the shipping progress and will alert you to any delays.


Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee your snake will arrive to you alive and in excellent condition. While extremely rare, snakes may perish or be injured during shipping. To receive a refund on your animal, take a video of the injured/deceased animal (showing you flipping it on its back/rigor mortis if deceased) within 2 hours of picking up the package and send to We will refund you in full or ship you a replacement snake, free of charge. You may also choose to receive a gift card to our store instead. This guarantee will be honored even if your package is delayed as long as claims are made within 2 hrs of pickup.


Genetics and Sexing

You are also guaranteed to receive the correct snake as pictured on our website with the advertised genetics. We do not 100% guarantee sex, but believe our sexing is extremely accurate. We sex most of our snakes using the palpation method. This involves feeling for the male's hemipenes. It is more accurate than visually tail sexing or counting scales, and we check the sex several times before shipping. It is very unlikely that we will send a true male as female. However, there is a small chance that a snake sexed as female is actually a male if we were unable to feel the hemipenes. If you believe your snake was incorrectly sexed and no longer want the animal, please reach out to us at

If we shipped the incorrect snake (different from pictured in the ad), we will refund you or offer a replacement at no additional cost. We will also send you shipping supplies and a prepaid label to return the incorrect snake.

Any uncertainty on genetics or sex will be disclosed before purchase. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied. If you are unhappy with your snake or are experiencing issues, please reach out to We are always available to help you resolve feeding or shedding issue. Please keep in mind that in rare circumstances, a snake may only want to eat live despite taking frozen thawed before sale. It is your responsibility to provide your snake with its preferred prey and seek veterinary help if your snake is showing any signs of illness.


A high yellow rough sclae sand boa


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  • 685BE67C-CD6A-4D1F-B648-F7020686CE79 - The Serpentry

    Premier East Coast Sand Boa Breeder

    The Serpentry helped get my own breeding program started, and is one of the premier east coast breeders! I made my first purchase from them in 2016 and have purchased several more animals since. They have always been helpful, answered questions and provided guidance, and really provided a personalized experience. Their animals are healthy and they are knowledgeable about not only the species but the individuals they are selling. I have really appreciated every interaction I've had with them and look forward to buying more snakes in the future! - Anna S.

  • 556DD83F-0A60-4959-A333-DEF02A02A135 - The Serpentry

    Amazing Sand Boa Breeder

    Kate has sand boas of all kinds and colors, there's a sand boa for every person. The thing I love most about her and The Serpentry is her individual love and care for every single one of her snakes. I have purchased two sand boas from her, one Kenyan sand boa and one Indian sand boa, and have had nothing but success! She is now the only person I trust getting my snakes from as you can tell how much she puts into each snake. Both of my snakes have been great eaters, lively, super healthy and alert from the get go! I also appreciate the way she takes time to educate me and answer any questions or soothe any worries I may have as a beginning snake owner. She is a one of a kind and special snake breeder that gives the community a good reputation! With all of her help, wisdom and amazing care of her snakes I can say I am a way more confident and happy snake owner than I could have ever imagined - Juliana S.

  • IMG_3262 - The Serpentry

    Wholeheartedly Recommend

    Getting my sweet long boi from Kate has been a truly wonderful
    experience! You can tell she really cares about her animals and responsible husbandry, as well as ensuring that first time snake owners are set up for success (my KSB was eating f/t and tolerated handling well from the beginning!). As a first-timer myself, Kate has been such a kind, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable resource as I
    navigated feedings, shedding, and more--from day 1 through now. I wholeheartedly recommend her for both new and seasoned folks looking for
    great snakes! Plus, being able to support a small woman-owned business in what can otherwise be a rather intimidating, male-dominated industry was the cherry on top :) - Ella B.