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  • soap_beardie - The Serpentry

    Unique Scents and Shapes!

    I am so pleased with the amazing soaps, they made my skin soft and they come in the most unique scents and shapes. I will definitely be making more purchases! - Steph W.

  • IMG_9485 - The Serpentry

    Love all of their Products

    I love all of thier products. The wax melts smell so good and can be used multiple times. I have tried a variety of scents. I am also really enjoying their soaps and I'm in need of a third order of them. Their bags have so many cool designs and colors which makes it hard to pick just a few. - Pamela R.

  • bunny_soap - The Serpentry

    A Lot of Fun

    This soap brings a lot of fun to my morning routine. The bunny shape is so whimsical and adorable as a shower buddy. The ginger ale scent smells just as effervescent as the real thing, and leaves a subtle bubbly sweet scent behind. - Nick F.

  • APC_0376 - The Serpentry



    This June we showed our love to the LGBTQ+ members of the exotic animal community by hosting a fundraiser for The Trevor Project. We raised over $1,000 with your help! Thank you to everyone that donated and made this possible.

  • Frog - The Serpentry


    We've all been there. You tell your new coworker you have a pet frog and they say "That's disgusting". Awful, we know. That's why we created The Serpentry. It's a safe space to be your authentic self and enjoy all animals. As far as your judgmental coworker is concerned, we think frog soap for the office bathroom is a great way to clap back.

    Take a Stand Against Pet Shaming 
  • 52A979B2-8626-4529-83A0-50964777E880 - The Serpentry


    As reptile lovers, we know how hard it is to find fun AND luxurious products featuring our favorite animals. Our goal is to give our customers new and vibrant products to celebrate their love of all things furry, scaly, slimy, and feathered. We are always adding new designs and animals to our product offerings. Let us know what animals you'd like to see next!

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