We Specialize in "Small Batch" Sand Boas

     Sand boas make hardy, beautiful, and low maintenance pets. These are a few of the many reasons we bought our first sand boas, Peanut and Big Mama, in 2014.  We’ve slowly grown our collection over the years and now work with a variety of species and morphs. Currently, we are working with the following sand boas:


Kenyan Sand Boas (many morphs)
Rough Scale Sand Boas (wild type and high color)
Saharan Sand Boas (wild type and reduced pattern)
Russian Sand Boas
Indian (sunset and wildtype) and Persian Sand Boas
Javelin Sand Boas
Tartar Sand Boas

    A baby Kenayn sand boa with a vivd orange base color and dark brown spots.


         The Serpentry produces high quality and healthy animals for both beginner snake keepers and discerning breeders. Our specialty is working 1:1 with new pet owners. We will provide you with care information, budget friendly product recommendations, and continued support after purchase. Many new snake owners struggle with common issues like getting their snakes to take their first meal, preventing escapes, and dealing with shedding problems. We are here to help you through all of these issues and ensure you have a positive and stress-free experience with your new pet.


    Indain Sand Boa new born. An orange snake with dark grey face and stripes down its back.


         To ease transitions to their new homes, we ensure all of our babies are eating frozen/thawed rodents reliably. We work with a small collection of animals and know their individual quirks. This information is always provided to our customers before purchase to help them find the perfect snake.

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    Can't bring home a new friend? We've got you.

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      Premier East Coast Sand Boa Breeder

      The Serpentry helped get my own breeding program started, and is one of the premier east coast breeders! I made my first purchase from them in 2016 and have purchased several more animals since. They have always been helpful, answered questions and provided guidance, and really provided a personalized experience. Their animals are healthy and they are knowledgeable about not only the species but the individuals they are selling. I have really appreciated every interaction I've had with them and look forward to buying more snakes in the future! - Anna S.

    • 556DD83F-0A60-4959-A333-DEF02A02A135 - The Serpentry

      Amazing Sand Boa Breeder

      Kate has sand boas of all kinds and colors, there's a sand boa for every person. The thing I love most about her and The Serpentry is her individual love and care for every single one of her snakes. I have purchased two sand boas from her, one Kenyan sand boa and one Indian sand boa, and have had nothing but success! She is now the only person I trust getting my snakes from as you can tell how much she puts into each snake. Both of my snakes have been great eaters, lively, super healthy and alert from the get go! I also appreciate the way she takes time to educate me and answer any questions or soothe any worries I may have as a beginning snake owner. She is a one of a kind and special snake breeder that gives the community a good reputation! With all of her help, wisdom and amazing care of her snakes I can say I am a way more confident and happy snake owner than I could have ever imagined - Juliana S.

    • IMG_3262 - The Serpentry

      Wholeheartedly Recommend

      Getting my sweet long boi from Kate has been a truly wonderful
      experience! You can tell she really cares about her animals and responsible husbandry, as well as ensuring that first time snake owners are set up for success (my KSB was eating f/t and tolerated handling well from the beginning!). As a first-timer myself, Kate has been such a kind, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable resource as I
      navigated feedings, shedding, and more--from day 1 through now. I wholeheartedly recommend her for both new and seasoned folks looking for
      great snakes! Plus, being able to support a small woman-owned business in what can otherwise be a rather intimidating, male-dominated industry was the cherry on top :) - Ella B.