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Creepy Crawlies Zip Pouches

Creepy Crawlies Zip Pouches

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This adorable zip pouch is the perfect companion for keeping small stuff together! Whether you're carrying your phone, pens, money, or even makeup, this hand-stamped pouch will keep it safe and stylish.

Artwork: Hanna Faulk Art (snail and beetle), inkpressit (isopod)

Product Details

Printed on one side

Material: Polyester

Size: approximately 7.7 x 5.5 inches

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Zip Pouches FAQ

Are the zip pouches washable?

Yes! You can wash your pouch. While they can be machine washed, we recommend hand washing with cold water and a mild detergent to protect the dye and ink. Spot clean as needed. Avoid any stain removing products. Lay flat or hang to dry. Machine dry is also OK.

Can they be ironed?

Absolutely! It won't harm the dye or ink. You can use steam and the cotton setting or the synthetic fabric setting to remove wrinkles. The bags are made from polyester designed for sublimation (they withstand high heat).

Will the dye bleed?

We try our best to make sure all of the excess dye is removed from your pouch, but bleeding is always a possibility. Blues and reds are more prone to bleeding. Do not wash your pouch with any other clothing if you need to wash it.

Will the design fade?

All dyes and inks will fade a bit with time. The first wash will likely result in a noticeable fade (normal). To keep your pouch looking its best, hand wash in cold water, air dry, and avoid letting it sit in sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Heat and friction (like in the washer/dryer) will accelerate fading.

Why do some of the pouches look wrinkly?

We dye some of our pouches using a method that involves scrunching up the pouches and applying heat. This creates very stubborn wrinkles. We try our best to iron them out prior to shipping, but some wrinkles may need a few washes and some time to relax.

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