This handsome Kenyan sand boa would make even the most nervous new snake owner a great companion. Melon is gentle and enjoys exploring when given the opportunity. The last of his siblings to find a home, Melon would love to go home with you!

Species: Kenyan Sand Boa

Sex: Male

Weight: 20g

Birthday: October 6, 2021

Feeding: f/t large pinkies/small peach fuzzies

Melon is a great feeder! He will snatch f/t prey right from the tongs, and he's usually waiting for dinner at the edge of his enclosure. Melon was a very tiny baby and it took him a while to start feeding. As a result, he is very small for his age. He's been doing well and may have a growth spurt. Price is reduced to reflect this.


Paradox Albino possibly het anery and hypo.

Melon's parents are Tizzy and Skittles. Tizzy's siblings were proven out as hypo by other breeders, but we sadly didn't have the opportunity before Tizzy passed away. That is why this snake is listed as a "possibly het hypo".

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