Sweet Luna has a neurological condition likely due to overheating as a baby. That doesn't stop her from living a high quality life. She can climb, feed as ferociously as her peers, and she tolerates handling well. Her condition presents itself as moving her head and body a little "loopy", especially if she is in the air. Occasionally, we've caught her completely upside down! We think she would make a fantastic pet or education animal.

Species: Kenyan Sand Boa

Sex: Female

Weight: TBD

Birthday: 2022

Feeding: f/t fuzzies

Breeder: Monarch Menagerie

Luna is an older baby and well established when it comes to feeding. Due to her condition, a few modifications should be made to her enclosure.

We recommend that you start her in a 15 qt tub or 10 gallon tank. She can climb, but there is a higher chance of her falling and hurting herself. There is also a slight drowning risk if she falls and becomes disoriented in her water bowl. It is best to give her a smaller and more shallow bowl to be extra safe!


Paradox albino

Luna is a pet only sand boa and should not be used for breeding due to her neurological condition.

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