Oh my goodness this guy has it all! Crumbs is sweet, tolerant of handling, and has stunning high contrast markings. He'd be a great pet or breeder. We can see this young man snuggling in your pocket while you read a book.

Species: Kenyan Sand Boa

Sex: Male

Weight: 14g

Birthday: November 20, 2022

Feeding: f/t pinkies

Crumbs is a great feeder! He will snatch f/t prey right from the tongs. Another small snake, but we have no doubt he will grow well once he is able to eat fuzzies.


HRP anery cross possibly het albino

Crumbs comes from our HRP out-crossing projects. His mother is Mambo and father is Spyro, both 50% HRP. We anticipate that Crumbs will maintain some of his high contrast white coloration with age.

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