Miss Oatmeal is SMOL and shy. She's a very sweet girl, but doesn't appreciate head rubs. Once in a while she will flinch if you startle her with overhead movement or touch her face. We think she will blossom into a wonderful companion for almost anyone. She is the sister of Crumbs and Parsnip.

Species: Kenyan Sand Boa

Sex: Female

Weight: 13g

Birthday: November 20, 2022

Feeding: f/t pinkies

Oatmeal likes to eat! She will take f/t prey right from the tongs. We strongly recommend that she is started in a 6 qt tub (see our care sheet, link below) due to her shy nature.


HRP anery cross possibly het albino

Oatmeal comes from our HRP out-crossing projects. His mother is Mambo and father is Spyro, both 50% HRP.

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