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    Amazing Sand Boa Breeder

    Kate has sand boas of all kinds and colors, there's a sand boa for every person. The thing I love most about her and The Serpentry is her individual love and care for every single one of her snakes. I have purchased two sand boas from her, one Kenyan sand boa and one Indian sand boa, and have had nothing but success! She is now the only person I trust getting my snakes from as you can tell how much she puts into each snake. Both of my snakes have been great eaters, lively, super healthy and alert from the get go! I also appreciate the way she takes time to educate me and answer any questions or soothe any worries I may have as a beginning snake owner. She is a one of a kind and special snake breeder that gives the community a good reputation! With all of her help, wisdom and amazing care of her snakes I can say I am a way more confident and happy snake owner than I could have ever imagined - Juliana S.
  • Always Helpful with Questions

    Got my rough scaled pairs form Kate years ago, and several other snakes since. Always helpful with any questions and we always look forward to seeing her at shows and chatting about snakes/fish. Kate is also extremely crafty and makes all sorts of cool stuff and went out of her way to make something special for my daughter after an accident left her injured for a while. - Chris T.
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    One of the Premier East Coast Breeders

    The Serpentry helped get my own breeding program started, and is one of the premier east coast breeders! I made my first purchase from them in 2016 and have purchased several more animals since. They have always been helpful, answered questions and provided guidance, and really provided a personalized experience. Their animals are healthy and they are knowledgeable about not only the species but the individuals they are selling. I have really appreciated every interaction I've had with them and look forward to buying more snakes in the future! - Anna S.
  • Had a Fantastic Experience

    Had an absolutely fantastic experience buying my first snake through The Serpentry! Kate went above and beyond, answering all my questions and helping me make sure I had everything I needed to build the perfect set up for a Kenyan sand boa. I could not be happier with the snake she picked for me, he has been a wonderful addition to our home and I will definitely be coming back when I inevitably cave and need another! - Jacqueline D.
  • Offers Support after Purchase

    At this point, I can't remember how I stumbled upon The Serpentry. My poor memory aside, after a brief conversation, I knew I was buying a snake from Kate. I had questions as a new keeper, which were answered with the care and passion of someone who loves the species. Edmund joined my "crew" nearly a year ago. He's a handsome fella. Reclusive, a big fan of caves and other hiding spots. I would absolutely recommend The Serpentry to my friends or fellow Sand Boa enthusiasts. Kate is professional. Offers support after purchase. And stands behind what she's produced. -Megan P.
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    A Truly Wonderful Experience

    Getting my sweet long boi from Kate has been a truly wonderful experience! You can tell she really cares about her animals and responsible husbandry, as well as ensuring that first time snake owners are set up for success (my KSB was eating f/t and tolerated handling well from the beginning!). As a first-timer myself, Kate has been such a kind, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable resource as I navigated feedings, shedding, and more--from day 1 through now. I wholeheartedly recommend her for both new and seasoned folks looking for great snakes! Plus, being able to support a small woman-owned business in what can otherwise be a rather intimidating, male dominated industry was the cherry on top :) - Ella B.

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